Beauty, Body, Hair & Skin Care

Life Styles are diverse and can incorporate many new trends such as technology, fashion and decor. Health and wellness should remain consistent and made a regular routine within your life style, finding new and crafty ways to combine these are limitless.

Facials, Massages, Hair Care & Body Treatments have sample services that can be implemented into any fun event making it beneficial and informative.




Benefits the body and the brain.

Reduces inflammation in the body and certain proteins that causes diseases in the body. Reduces the risk of dementia, heart attacks and strokes. Slows down the aging process, helps treat depression and triggers the growth of new brain cells.


Professional personal training sessions

An important routine to

skin care, removes dry dead

skin cells. Increases circulation,

smooths skin giving it a

healthier natural glow. It also reduces

wrinkles and pores while allowing a

better absorption of products.




Himalayan & Epsom Salt


Benefits for health and beauty, relieves pain and muscle cramps. A toner, exfoliates, disperse magnesium for body absorption. Induce relaxation, aids in sleep, circulation and respiratory problems. Detoxifies the body and balances the skin PH


Those who suffer from weak or poor heart circulation should always consult their doctor first.


Whole fruits or vegetables, the skin and all its fiber allows a faster more efficient way for the body to absorb a larger variety of fruits and vegetables. A way to introduce new foods, easy consumption of super-foods, provide energy boosts throughout the day and adds more nutrients to your diet.


A total mind and body practice that links focus and a steady breathing routine. Assists with immunity, fertility, lowering blood pressure, emotional and psychological balance. Increases calmness and physical relaxation, while improving and enhancing overall health and well-being.


5 to 10 minutes

5 to 10 minutes




10 minutes

1/2 hour after waking

15 to 30 minutes

Daily routine suggestions


Digital Curfew

30 minutes before bed